Google Penguin Update


Penguin Update



Penguin Update has introduced various changes. You should synchronize your website as per the website so that you can make the most through the search engine rankings. You should have a strong post-penguin strategy to accomplish this task. The update was released in April, 2012. The update was introduced to alleviate the menace of spam links. SEO should be done in a natural way and it should not be done for the sole purpose of SEO ranking alone. Hence, Penguin Update was introduced to check this issue at its gross root level.

What should not be done?

You should not go for over optimization of links. It is not only the keywords that you will use for optimization but the keywords that are used for link building purpose should be optimized in an appropriate way. The anchor text that is used in various links should not be over optimized. It should look quite natural. You should not use the same anchor text for various links.

What should be done?


Penguin Update can tolerate the brand name and URL of your site. You should use a variety of anchor texts so that your website will not be penalized through the Penguin Update. As part of your anchor text strategy, you should include the brand name in various anchor texts. If you are implementing anchor text that is not brand-based, Google suspects the validity of the anchor text and thus, you will be caught through the update.

It is not only the on-site but also the off-site optimization that will be checked by Google. You should not take steps in such a way which gives an appearance that you are doing optimization for the sole purpose of getting high rank through Google Search. If there are a number of links that flows to your site but with the same keyword, it will negatively influence your site’s record with Google. As per Penguin Update, it is a suspicious arrangement for your website and your website will be penalized.

Beyond links

Beyond getting links from various sites, you should focus on the quality of those links. You should also get links from quality websites. If you are getting a link from a website whose page rank is high, your site’s page rank will increase. By having more inbound links from various high quality sites, your website’s rank will improve.

In order to fare well in search engine links, you should study your competitor’s links. You should ensure that you will get links from relevant websites only. To get the best results through Penguin Update, you should get links on your site at various locations. The links should be distributed throughout the website and into various web pages. To improve the credibility of your site, you should get links from various sites. Your site should be mentioned in various authoritative platforms. By using a diverse set of anchor texts and using relevant links, you can manage good ranking even after the implementation of Penguin Update.

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