Where did sex go? Change your sex life!


Where did sex go? Change your sex life!

You are in this phase of your life that sex does not exist in your daily life. Okay, it doesn’t matter (much). But since sex does help your body a lot, you will obviously have some consequences from abstinence, Golden diamond escorts advise us.

One of the consequences is a lot of stress. Whatever the case, the following happens to your body when sex goes away from your life. Change your sex life and be healthy both in mind and your soul!

1. You get sick easily without sex

Your immune system becomes vulnerable and as a result it is very often subject to illnesses, colds and infections. Otherwise, the organization can block all of this.

2. Sex libido drops

As long as you let go, it leaves you. Okay exaggeration, however when you have time to have sex you lose the desire for it. This is because the body restricts the secretion of hormones for sexual arousal and so you end up counting months of abstinence.

3. Stress and anxiety

Sex is known to help relieve stress to a great extent, so don’t be surprised if you’ve been stressful for everything lately. This results from the high blood pressure associated with stress when you do not have sex.

4. Heart health is not at its best

Along with the loss of sex, you also lose heart function. Of course, before you worry you can tell that you can fix this with other factors, such as exercise and walking. Thank God!

5. You will need more time the next time you get wet

When the next time you fall in love with someone, you’ll need a little extra time to feel wet. This, of course, is not necessarily bad, because it means that your mate should be more concerned with you.

6. You lose your intelligence (Say what?)

Greece call girls admit – and now you may not believe it – that sexual activity helps our brain a lot and we become a little smarter. This is only true for women. Therefore, the longer you have to do, the less intelligent you will be.
But there is one positive. Yes, and yet!

After the bitterness I gave you above, I’ll tell you one positive of not having sex. The unique. It is not only about reducing sexually transmitted diseases, but also about avoiding infections in the sensitive area. At least, you won’t be exposed to such risks.

Tips for super sex life!

Even more scientifically proven!

How big or powerful it is or how nice it does and more. A study released in 2011 found that people complimenting sex performed better.

Being sweat is miraculous!

You do not understand it, but the sense and smell of male sweat increases the secretion of certain hormones, which in turn increases libido.

Get out in the sun

The vitamin D you get from sun exposure enhances male libido, boosting blood testosterone levels. Indeed, research has shown that testosterone levels were falling in the winter months (compared to the summer months), which confirmed the direct effect of the sun.

Spice Up!

Hot food has once again been shown to keep him on the alert.

Thrillers do wonders

Such films stimulate the nervous system and result (believe it or not) in increasing libido.

How about socks?

No it’s not some kind of bad joke. You tried very hard to convince him to get them out and now will you? Yes! Because the right temperature in your body is very important for your orgasm. Cold-legged women prove to be having difficulty with orgasm.

5 Reasons Why Missionary Is Better Than You Thought!

They say it is the attitude of married people, bored or bored couples that shows routine and repetition. And yet, they all probably do something wrong, because the missionary is definitely much better than just a stop. Why; We have plenty of reasons to convince you! So let’s put things in their place …

1. He is your best ally

Mostly because in missionary you always look perfect. No reason to worry about stomach fat, sloppy and tangled wool, weird body postures. You’re lying down, your hair is floating on the pillow, your face visible and calm. In this posture you will always look prettier than anyone else, so this is the best idea for the first time you have sex.

2. You can handle it

Think about it for a while, in no other post can you command his body movements as well as in the missionary. In all others he has more or less control. But in this particular you can find his rhythm, synchronize and then bring it to your own waters. While the feeling of having a hug is so beautiful. And convenient!

3. It has very easy variations

It may be one posture, but without even getting up you can make several different postures. Raise your legs for a start and bend your knees to the height of his face. You can also raise your legs and rest them on his shoulders as long as he is lifted, and even better wrap his torso with your feet.

4. You have the best orgasm scientifically

Not so we say, but the research, according to which in missionary posture and with various special pressure exercises in your sensitive area, you can not only maximize your enjoyment but find the G spot easier.

5. You see him

Yes it is cliché, romantic, not too much but there is no more beautiful feeling than being able to see each other in the eyes from time to time during sex. Take a hug and you’re really one!

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