Insure your holiday home with a security door!

Insure your holiday home with a security door!

The security door – πόρτες ασφαλείας – of the holiday home is a matter that seriously concerns many of us, especially now that the summer is slowly ending and most of us are returning to our work obligations.

Burglary has increased significantly in recent years and the cottage needs special care in terms of security as it is exposed for many months.

Security doors are the most recommended way to ensure your holiday home. However, there are also more ways to protect it from burglary.

Secure your holiday home by following three basic tips!

Safety rolls

Security shutters are known for the great protection they offer to any space, but also for their reliability. You can find the safest solution, adapted to the needs of your holiday home since there are security shutters specialized for the needs of a holiday home.

The cost of security shutters is not great, especially when you consider the devastation you will have to deal with in the event of a break-in.

Set an alarm

The alarm can save your residence from robbery because in most cases just the indication that there is an alarm in a house is enough to drive the robbers away.

And don’t forget the existence of small alarms that go on doors and balcony doors and start ringing every time a door is opened.

Home control from the mobile phone (smart house)

Take control of your home into your own hands, even if you are far away.

Modern technology allows us to guarantee you full control of your home. You can open and close the security shutters and security doors of your house from your mobile phone.

Thus, even if you are away, the house is safer as it appears to be inhabited since at any time you can open and close the shutters or security doors that have this automation.

Let Alfino Door help you…

They are always at your disposal to study your space and recommend, absolutely FREE, the appropriate solutions for the security of your holiday home or any other space you are interested in.

Call them to make an appointment at your place and discuss, so that we can find the most suitable security door for you. They will be happy to serve you.

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