Realme 6s: a really successful smartphone


In this particular review we will know a little more in detail the new proposal of the company, the Realme 6s –θήκες κινητών-. We will find out if the limited and very specific differences with the immediately superior Realme 6 are enough to justify the existence of another device in this particular series.

Realme 6s Design

As is quite logical and expected, the exterior design of the Realme 6S does not differ significantly from that of the 6 and 6 Pro. This is due to two different factors, one of which is obviously to keep costs at a reasonable level as there is no need for redesign and different construction. Plastic is fine for this smartphone.

Respectively, the side part is made of plastic, and if this combination has an advantage, it is that it keeps the weight of the Realme 6S at a very good level. The same goes for its overall dimensions, especially considering the 6.5-inch screen.

In practical terms now, the Smartphone also has this fingerprint sensor mounted on its side and specifically on the power button. The company is known for how reliable and fast the sensors it uses are, and the Realme 6S is no exception. In fact, because the screen “lights up” immediately after detecting its owner’s footprint, the overall sense of unlock speed is rather impressive.

Realme 6s Screen

Realme 6 and Realme 6 pro are by far the most economical devices with a screen that offers a higher refresh rate at 90Hz. However, the Realme 6S can now steal the title, since although it is even cheaper, it retains this impressive screen. The diagonal remains exactly the same at 6.5 inches, and one could say that it is exactly the same LCD Panel, since it has exactly the same color performance. The resolution of 2400 × 1080 pixels is also quite satisfactory, especially in a price range that Samsung still has many proposals with a lower resolution screen.

Realme 6s Cameras

The main difference between the Realme 6S and the 6 and 6 Pro is the resolution of the camera on the back. It has been “reduced” from 64 to 48MP with the company nevertheless choosing here a high quality sensor. Along with these there are three more cameras, without any difference in their technical characteristics and performance.

This basic camera also has an aperture of f / 1.8 that allows it to see quite good lighting levels. The photos he can take during the day are very satisfying. The detail is high, and the dynamic range satisfactory. If we wanted something different, this would be the color representation that is a little “poorer” than the ideal.

The second camera now, with the ultra-wide angle lens, is practically the same as that of the other two devices in the same series. Its performance is quite satisfactory, given the resolution of 8MP. The photos he can take are good in detail, and with the right color and dynamic range. We would like it to be a little more alive here as well.

The Realme 6S also has a camera with Macro lens for photos from a very short distance. Its resolution is at 2MP, which is not considered anything special, but these photos have a small shot by default so the performance is at least acceptable. Auto focus is absent, which means that the photo comes out properly focused only at a certain distance, but its absence is justified in this category.

Realme 6s Processor and Memory

The Realme 6S retains the same Helio G90T processor as the immediately more expensive Realme 6, an option that is welcome in any case. Xiaomi with the Note 8 Pro about a year ago, proved that Mediatek has now solved all the problems it had in the past, with the result that this processor and not only, is very capable in practice. An important difference is the available memory RAM, which in this case is limited to 4GB. Although by no means “small” it is almost certain that the Realme 6S will age faster as applications become more demanding in the long run.

In the field of graphics, the Helio G90T has also proven its worth, which means that the Realme 6S is particularly capable in the field of Gaming. In fact, for the money it costs, it is practically impossible to find a device that is overall equally efficient in this area.

Here the battery inside, combined with the reasonable power consumption of the Mali G76 GPU, offer a very good result. The Realme 6S among other things does not heat up to an annoying degree even after continuous use.

Realme 6s Battery

Realme has a very good tradition of offering impressively good operating times on its devices. This tradition continues normally in the Realme 6S, and the 4,300 mAh battery inside is actually better than its capacity states.

The Smartphone can take two days of use with relative comfort, even with the screen set at 90Hz. With more reasonable use, and the screen at 60Hz, at the end of the second day, the Realme 6S still has a 15% on its battery, which without being enough for third day, is a safety margin until it reaches its charger .

With regard to this charge, one must acknowledge to Realme that it has chosen not to remove the 30W fast charge from the Realme 6S. This is particularly impressive given the cost of the smartphone, and with the charger in its package, it can fully charge its battery in about 55 minutes.

Conclusion for Realme 6s

The fact that one has to look to find the changes that the company has made in order to make the Realme 6S cheaper is definitely impressive. It shows in the best way that it has not made concessions that it should not, and focuses exactly where it “should” in order to offer another proposal to the middle class.

The point is, even with these cost-cutting changes, the Realme 6S retains many of the elements that make the two  bigger  models in the series competitive. The processor inside is the most powerful one can find in this money, the 90Hz screen remains unique and its cameras are satisfactory in any case. It is impressive when a company with such a small presence in the market, can create so correctly a whole range of devices in the middle category that each has its own reason for existence and choice by the prospective buyer.

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