Mystery Shipwreck Dates to Before Revolutionary War, Researcher Says

Mystery Shipwreck Dates to Before Revolutionary War, Researcher Says

In 1769, a cargo ship laden with flour, pork and English merchandise set sail from Salem, Mass., headed to Portland, Maine.

The ship encountered a intense storm and never ever produced it to its location. Now a maritime archaeologist thinks he may well have solved the secret.

Every few yrs, the remains of a shipwreck have surfaced on a seashore in York, Maine. Its picket hull, which is about 50 ft extended, appeared in 1958 right after a storm, and once more in 1978, 2007 and 2013, capturing the curiosity of community people and visitors to Limited Sands Beach. The final time waves exposed its frame was in March 2018.

The Maine Historic Preservation Fee has stated it believes the wreckage dates from the period among the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. But the background and identification of the ship remained uncertain in York, a modest resort town 45 miles south of Portland.

In 2018, just after waves exposed the wreckage again, Mr. Claesson took wood samples from the hull plank and ship body. The samples ended up examined at the Cornell College Tree-Ring Laboratory in Ithaca, N.Y., to decide their age.

The examination prompt that the trees that were felled had a ring day of about 1753.

“Of curiosity in this specific research was that three distinctive species have been utilized, two that are not generally applied in shipbuilding, that increase suitable listed here in New England and northeastern North The usa,” Carol B. Griggs, a senior analysis affiliate at the Tree-Ring Laboratory, reported on Sunday.

Regardless of whether the ship is the Defiance or one more vessel, it was built in 1753 or quickly after, and most likely someplace along the New England coastline, she mentioned.

Right after combing through historical and notary data, including a firsthand account he located at the Phillips Library at the Peabody Essex Museum in Rowley, Mass., Mr. Claesson discovered that there was a sloop known as the Defiance that had been wrecked in York in 1769.

He also found that a sloop with the very same identify “was coincidentally crafted in 1754 in Massachusetts, which fits nicely with out tree-ring dates of circa 1753,” he reported.

Mr. Claesson reported his analysis observed that the Defiance was touring from Salem and headed for Portland when it encountered a storm.

“They took anchor, but in hefty seas the crew was compelled to slash the anchor cables, and were being pushed ashore onto York Seaside,” Mr. Claesson reported. “The ship was a full reduction, but the crew survived.”

“It would be excellent to have a likelihood to carry out a additional in depth archaeological investigation to comprehend how the ship was created and built, and ensure the identification as Defiance,” he claimed. “We may well not have far too several extra alternatives to document marine architecture of this classic, and inform the story of these early American seafarers.”

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