Joe Biden Had a Big Night. He Needs Another in 72 Hours.

Joe Biden Had a Big Night. He Needs Another in 72 Hours.

Barbara Boxer, a previous California senator who spoke fondly of Mr. Biden, her onetime colleague, mentioned she would “never convey to other people today what to do.” But underperforming candidates, she additional, “ought to glance at what their staying in the race suggests to the place, to the get together and to their have reputations.” Ms. Boxer said she hoped to announce an endorsement on Sunday.

A lot of Biden-inclined voters have been less diplomatic. After the former vice president’s celebration in Spartanburg, S.C., on Friday evening, Antwion Yowe, 43, a regional pastor, summoned a favored family analogy about separating standout alternatives from the rest.

“My dad made use of to say: ‘barbecue and mildew,’” he mentioned. “You’re both barbecue and you go ahead, or you’re mildew and you are done.” Just after South Carolina, he recommended, all people besides Mr. Biden and Mr. Sanders belonged in the latter camp.

Even if his friends have been to drop away, Mr. Biden’s path would not be clear-cut. Mr. Sanders has shown himself able of developing a formidable coalition, specially in his blowout get in Nevada a 7 days ago. He remains the beloved in California, the grandest delegate trove on the map. He has also flashed a victor’s swagger in scheduling activities in the dwelling states of two fellow hopefuls, which also occur to have primaries on Tuesday: Massachusetts, represented in the Senate by Elizabeth Warren, and Minnesota, the province of Ms. Klobuchar.

Any more setback for Ms. Warren could establish primarily practical to Mr. Sanders, potentially sending some of her progressive supporters into his camp. But voters do not often behave ideologically, a point that cuts both of those strategies for Mr. Sanders as Mr. Biden banks on a enhance if other center-still left candidates fall out: Some of that guidance will drift to Mr. Sanders even if voters do not align specifically with him on policy.

For one night, nevertheless, Mr. Biden and his group appeared material not to dwell a lot on any of that. In Columbia on Saturday evening, Mr. Biden — who has often campaigned in more compact venues — walked onstage to a raucous victory rally in a massive health and fitness center. “We adore you, Joe!” an individual cried out.

“We can say, with out fear of contradiction, the Bidens love you men,” Mr. Biden replied. “The Bidens like you. That’s serious.”

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