How to Sew a Face Mask

How to Sew a Face Mask

A tutorial on how to make your have cloth experience mask from popular residence elements.

Now it is on to the fabric ties.

Slash 4 thin pieces of product, about 18” long and ¾” large. Fold every piece of material two times lengthwise, then once additional to tuck the tough edges inside. Sew a straight line alongside the middle. This will prevent the material ties from having frayed edges.

Incorporating the ties

Get 1 of your rectangular fabric levels. With the “right side” (or the outer-facing side, wherever the sample could be) dealing with you, pin down the 4 material ties, a person piece per corner. Make absolutely sure that the ties are collected in the middle of the material layer in advance of advancing to the following phase.

You can also substitute stitching elastic for fabric ties, but be aware that elastic can’t be bleached (and as a result, is not as uncomplicated to thoroughly clean) and that any individual with a latex allergy can’t use it. (Elastic is also significantly in short supply.) Connect elastics to the initial layer of material by securing the finishes at the corners, forming minor hoops. Make absolutely sure the elastic lies inside the perimeter of your material.

Just take the 2nd layer of material and line it up with the to start with. The “right sides” (or patterned sides) of the cloth ought to be experiencing every single other, sandwiching the material ties or elastics. Secure the material sandwich jointly with pins.


Eyeball a midway stage. From the middle, sew a straight line across the mask, about ¼” above the bottom edge of the material, toward the bottom still left-hand corner. Clear away any pins as you sew past them.

Make positive that the elastic or fabric ties are secured in the corners, sandwiched by your two levels of cloth, as you sew over their ends. You want to make certain your needle goes via the 3 items: the best layer, the stop of the cloth tie, and the bottom layer. Include a few stitches forward and backward (in the two directions) to secure your ties in location.

Sew all all around

Sew all all-around the perimeter of the fabric levels, repeating the ahead and backward motion at each individual corner to secure all the elastic finishes or cloth ties.

Carry on to sew your way toward the starting point, but end to permit for a 1 ½” gap.

Convert OUT

Convert your venture proper-facet out from the very little 1 ½” hole. Your fabric ties or elastics should really now adhere out, like minor legs.

Pleats remember to

Make a few staggered pleats lengthwise on the mask, as if folding a paper fan. This will help the mask conform to the wearer’s face. Secure every pleat with pins.

finishing up

With your pleats held in area by pins, sew close to the perimeter of the mask, ¼” away from the edge of the seam. This is referred to as a major sew. Just take treatment when stitching in excess of the pleats as the cloth might be fairly thick.

Best stitch a next time all around, about ¼” in from the initially spherical of stitching. Now you have a accomplished mask.

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