He Held a Plank for More Than 8 Hours, Setting a Record

He Held a Plank for More Than 8 Hours, Setting a Record

George E. Hood, a 62-calendar year-previous retiree from Naperville, Ill., strapped a heart keep track of band across his chest, attached a catheter to his physique, climbed on to a custom-built desk covered with a lambskin and dialed up a curated rock ’n’ roll playlist on his phone.

And then he lifted himself into a plank — and held the position for 8 hrs, 15 minutes and 15 seconds to set a Guinness Globe Record.

The plank is a feat of static, but arduous, work out. The torso is sustained in a horizontal place, anchored by the toes on just one end and the forearms on the other. The abdominal and thigh, again and arm muscle tissue are amid those firing away, turning most of the human system into a gravity-defying platform.

Mr. Hood, a former Maritime and Drug Enforcement Administration agent, held the plank on Feb. 15 for additional time than an common day’s function. The time he was aiming for, 8:15:15, was a nod to 515 Fitness, the Illinois mental and bodily treatment enterprise for which he was boosting dollars with his planet-file endeavor.

He had coaches and a assistance workforce to feed him liquids. A Guinness official was on hand to validate the file. And an audience at the 515 Physical fitness area in Plainfield, Ill., supplied moral support — posing for photos when he questioned for encouragement, and dancing to his preferred rock songs as they blasted more than the seem method.

The seventh hour was the most tough, he claimed. But he persisted, and when it was above, Mr. Hood did not sink onto his belly. No, that would be disrespecting the plank, he spelled out. In its place, he eased back again into the yoga placement identified as child’s pose. His legs were being so cramped, he mentioned, that it took 12 minutes.

But then he did 75 push-ups.

On Wednesday, I spoke with Mr. Hood by telephone for 45 minutes. Right after his feat of stamina, I suspected the just one issue that I did not have to fret about was tiring him out.

The pursuing is an edited excerpt from the conversation.

Are you in a plank now?

(He laughs.)

Ended up you sore the day after? I went into it with the head-set that this is going to harm. Soreness is heading to manifest alone from head to toe. The toes have to guidance the complete leg intricate and the quads just take a beating. The force on the toes gets to be a little bit excruciating. Later on, I simply cannot seriously stroll. The agony runs deep into the human body. The problem is obtaining into the shower, for the reason that I just cannot carry my legs all the way. I then took two no-instruction times. On Working day 2 I truly obtained on a treadmill and walked.

How did you preserve your mind occupied for 8 hrs of relentless exertion? I count on coaches to feed me superior thoughts, good vibes. I contact for a group picture, it distracts me. I have to just concentration and listen to the reassuring terms of my coach, Renae Cobley. I have a lot of conversations with myself. I consider about my boys. (He has a few sons, ages 30, 28 and 26.) I actually fantasize about my lifestyle as a rock star. If I am hitting a wall, I will discover a tune in my perform record. (Music by Deep Purple and Tommy James and the Shondells were among the those people that stored him going.) From time to time that will be adequate to get me around the edge. For eight hours and 15 minutes and 15 seconds on the 15th of February, I was that rock star.

Your preparations involved 2,100 hrs of plank time, about 270,000 drive-ups and nearly 674,000 situps. But how did you get ready just right before the occasion?

In 12 hrs, I have to be completed with my supper: grilled salmon, a ton of spinach and a wonderful baked potato. The drinking method commences the working day prior to. I commence throwing down water and electrolytes. When I wake up on party working day I have to have a cup of coffee, a tricky-boiled egg and a cup of oatmeal. I don’t get health supplements on an empty tummy. You do not want to get nauseous. They have to make me drink they put the tube in my mouth. I burned 4,252 energy.

How do you come out of the plank after keeping it that extended? Do you just flop down?

That flies in the deal with of what the plank pose signifies. Collapsing like that implies failure. You fall to your knees and slide again progressively into the child’s pose. That stretches the overall physique most proficiently. It demonstrates regard to the pose you have sustained.

Was the plank report the most challenging factor you have at any time carried out in your daily life? No. Heading to Afghanistan and viewing that very first Maritime we missing in the early early morning of Jan. 1, 2009, to see a kid not occur home, and go away powering a brother in New York Town, and he left guiding a wife, that was tough for me. Each and every time I do an function, I do a perseverance to him. (Study about that Marine, Alberto Francesconi.)

So you have now broken the preceding 2016 Guinness record of 8:01:00 set by Mao Weidong of China, and this was the seventh time you have established a globe plank report.

Nobody else on the world has set that document more instances than I have, and nobody has ever lasted additional plank several hours. It sends a message to folks my age and also to little ones. That system is a grounding force to me. It is in which I go to purge myself.

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