Democratic Debate Fact Check: – The New York Times

Democratic Debate Fact Check: – The New York Times

What the facts are:

What Ms. Warren Claimed:

“I dug in, I fought the significant banking institutions, I created the coalitions and I received.”

Typically Legitimate. Ms. Warren, then a Harvard legislation professor, pushed for the generation of the Client Economic Security Bureau, the federal company founded by Congress in 2010 as section of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Security Act. President Barack Obama called the agency “Elizabeth’s idea” and applauded her “sheer power of will, intelligence and a bottomless very well of energy.”

That said, Mr. Sanders has a prolonged document of advocating for an overhaul of Wall Road rules and for breaking up the large banking companies — a central concept of his campaign in opposition to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

What They are Chatting About:

What Mr. Buttigieg Reported:

“In Charleston by itself, just in Charleston, in excess of 2,000 folks have contributed to my campaign. That indicates the bucks that have appear to my marketing campaign, just from Charleston, is additional than the bucks that have occur from the 50 individuals that you talked about.”

Forbes Journal named 40 billionaires who have contributed to a full of far more than $113,000 to Mr. Buttigieg’s campaign, as of December 2019. Mr. Buttigieg, a previous mayor, has a level that his campaign is not predominantly or even largely funded by billionaires. According to the campaign finance watchdog team Open Insider secrets, Mr. Buttigieg has lifted above $35.8 million from individuals who have contributed considerably less than $200 and another $46.6 million from substantial donations.

It’s unclear if his precise claim comparing person donors in Charleston to the billionaire donors is precise. In accordance to the State, a South Carolina newspaper, Mr. Buttigieg elevated $74,000 from 117 donors in Charleston and $271,202 from all donors in South Carolina. Mr. Buttigieg’s regular donation was $34 in the fourth quarter of past year, in accordance to his campaign. That’s about $68,000 for the 2,000 people, assuming the normal holds for South Carolina. Mr. Buttigieg’s campaign has been given donations from 741,000 individuals, driving only to Mr. Sanders (1.4 million) and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts (892,000).

Actuality checks by Linda Qiu and Sheryl Homosexual Stolberg.

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