Bernie Sanders Says He’ll Attract a Wave of New Voters. It Hasn’t Happened.

Bernie Sanders Says He’ll Attract a Wave of New Voters. It Hasn’t Happened.

“Do I consider that there is area for progress,” he claimed, “and do I feel that Senator Sanders would have appreciated the figures to have been even more up among the voters of shade, among the youthful voters, among doing the job-course voters? Certainly.”

Mr. Khanna expressed self-confidence that the quantities would maximize in a standard election contest from Mr. Trump, but reported that the campaign experienced to “keep pushing tougher.”

On the marketing campaign trail, Mr. Sanders, 78, has proclaimed that his “is the campaign of vitality, is the marketing campaign of exhilaration, is the marketing campaign that can deliver hundreds of thousands of persons into the political system who typically do not vote.” In rallies in Texas above the weekend, as his resounding victory in Nevada was turning into clear, he conveyed an air of triumph, drawing tremendous crowds as his campaign built options to solidify his entrance-runner standing by Super Tuesday on March 3.

“If the cameras convert on this group, and our good friends in Wall Street and the drug businesses see this type of crowd, you are likely to actually get them anxious,” Mr. Sanders declared to hundreds at a rally in Austin on Sunday.

Mr. Sanders’s rivals have turned down the premise that he will extend the Democratic Party’s base, saying he is too rigid in his worldview. “Senator Sanders believes in an rigid, ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats, not to point out most People in america,” Pete Buttigieg, the previous mayor of South Bend, Ind., stated in his concession speech in Nevada on Saturday.

As Mr. Sanders and his opponents put together for the South Carolina major on Saturday, The Times’s assessment of the first 3 states display some tough signs for his goal of making a surge in turnout. In New Hampshire, for occasion, turnout increased significantly less in townships he won than it did in townships won by Mr. Buttigieg and by Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

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