Are You a Guilty Feminist?

Are You a Guilty Feminist?

When I initial moved to London from Australia, I was informed I’d have to be a extremely assertive driver since Londoners will not permit you in. I was a nanny so I was like, I have to get very good at driving just before I generate any of these little ones all-around. So I bought in the car and drove around London and located that this was just a stereotype and an urban fantasy.

Six months later, I drove my boyfriend’s motor vehicle for the very first time and I could not get into targeted visitors and I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ And my boyfriend said, ‘You simply cannot push my motor vehicle the way you drive the Land Rover, like a tank down the center of the street. In a VW Golfing, no 1 is likely to get out of your way.’

I had imagined anyone else was polite. Turns out I’m an [expletive]. If you are driving a Land Rover, you have to be incredibly authoritative about how you enable other people in. You have to say, ‘It’s your switch, you’re likely.’

And men and women who are driving white bodies, male bodies, bodies that are not in wheelchairs, gender-conforming bodies, straight bodies at times want to say ‘Hey, Jennifer, do you have anything at all to say on this? Because I imagine you’ve done some fascinating investigation and we want to hear it.’

I have to say I commenced this podcast to really, I suppose, come across house for my individual oppression, and what I have discovered much more than anything is about my own privilege.

So “The Responsible Feminist” podcast has experienced about 75 million downloads in the very last four years, won quite a few awards and you recently also unveiled a reserve by the very same title. Did you at any time consider this would be so successful?

God, no! I was nervous that I’d get kicked out of the feminist club. But I assume it is just mainly because women of all ages are thirsty, and there is not considerably content built for us and by us that’s wholly unfettered.

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